Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Mike & Mandy's Sealing & Misc October cell pics

The morning after my Witches Party, we were able to drive down to Provo City Center Temple and be able to watch Mike & Mandy be sealed and then have Zoey, Alyssa & Audrey sealed to them.  What a beautiful, wonderful day of celebration!  We love them so much!

 I'm serving at PTA President again for Longview and in October, we presented about our PTA to the School Board.  We had several kids come in their Longview shirts and they sang the school song.

Unfortunately, my dad got really sick and ended up in the hospital with an awful infection.

Kate, Becky, Kate & Jeannette

Witches Party 2016

One of the most anticipated nights of the year for me is my annual Witches Party!  I love getting ready for it and love soaking in every minute of it!

This year's theme was a "Purse-onality Party."  The ladies were supposed to bring their purses.

Thankfully, Jon's brother Tom was in town again and was able to cobweb the house for the party!  He's amazing!

I don't have quite as much time as I would like to decorate, but it's fun to put a few cute touches on it!

Lindsey made these beautiful cookies for me (little did I know how cookies would take over our lives just a couple weeks after this - another post on that!)

As tradition, I made a Halloween quilt to give away and this year the winner was Izzy Welsh!   She's a cute, busy teenager and I hope she loved snuggling up in it after her long days!

My cute sister Becky came into town again for this and as usual, I had lots of amazing help!  Thank you ladies for another fun Witches Party!

Lindsey turns 15!

And just like that, I have another teenager with a driver's permit!!  In September, Lindsey turned 15.  She is beautiful and talented and smart and witty and amazes me every day!

We had a birthday dinner to celebrate hers and Meg's birthdays!

Emily's Homecoming

Emily had a great time at her Homecoming Dance on September 24, 2016!   Her date was Nate Fetzer and they had a fun time in their group!

Thursday, February 2, 2017

Labor Day Breakfast in the Canyon

For Labor Day, we drove up City Creek Canyon with my family and had a delicious breakfast!  It was chilly up there!  Rich made some delicious homemade Egg McMuffins and we just were able to enjoy one another's company!

 Sam's always good at crying for no good reason!

 Rich (in his shorts) carried several people across the river, including his cute wife, Misty

 And this is how he brought her back across

 This is one of my favorite all time pictures of me and my dad!  I sure love his guy!  His health hasn't been very good this entire winter, so it was fun to see a picture of him feeling pretty good.  He has been and always will be my hero!

 In Jack's world, there's always a large stick to be found!

Running around and playing

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

First days of School - August 2017

The summer flew by and it was time for school to start again!  We had 3 different start dates for our bunch..

The first was Jack!  He started on Friday, August 19th.  Our school district has just the 7th graders go the day before everyone else.  That way, they are the only ones in the school and they get a chance to learn the layout of a new school.

Emily, Lindsey, Kate  & Hannah started on Monday, August 22nd.
Emily - 11th grade - Murray High School
Lindsey - 9th grade - Hillcrest Jr. High
Kate - 5th grade - Longview Elementary (teacher Mrs. Patterson)
Hannah - 3rd grade - Longview Elementary (teacher: Mrs. Page)

 For future generations who may look at this picture and wonder what Kate is doing, it's called the Dab.  I have no idea why people do this!

 Hannah & BFF Heidi

A week later, on August 29th, this sweet little girl of ours started Kindergarten.  She absolutely LOVES school and I'm so grateful that I still get to have her home in the afternoons.  She goes to morning Kindergarten and has Mrs. Tomlinson for her teacher.