Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Lindsey - Lion King Jr.

Back in December, Lindsey tried out for her Jr. High Musical "Lion King Jr" and was cast as Sarabi (Simba's mom).   She was really excited and as soon as Christmas break was over, she was basically at the school every day until 6:00 p.m.   She worked hard and did an amazing job of balancing the play, school, soccer, Young Women's, dance, etc.  

The week before Spring Break, it was show time!   They performed on a Wednesday, Thursday & Friday night.  Jon and Jack went on Wednesday (while I took the other kids to Kate's jazz class for observation week).   Then, we all went on Thursday and Friday.  

I was absolutely amazed at how well the show went!  It was cast absolutely perfectly!  Each role was amazing and those kids were so talented and funny and incredible!  I literally cried with pride and amazement and couldn't fall asleep on Thursday night because I kept thinking how amazing it was.

Lindsey was spectacular and even cried in the scene where the lioness' were mourning Mufasa's death.  We had so many family and friends come and support Lindsey and we were so grateful for that!  

 Lindsey as Sarabi - holding baby Simba

 She's right in the middle with the greenish vest on

 Lindsey's fan club - Thursday night

 These 3 - Mandy, Zoey & Alyssa - were Super Fans!   They came the next night too!

 Lindsey & her 2 grandma's

 Diane, Lindsey & Rebecca
These 2 amazing women drove all the way from Oregon to watch!

 David, Sandy & Dawson Bowen

 Kate, Hannah, Zoey & Alyssa were enthralled by the actors and were so excited to meet them after the show

 Joseph Longhurst (Simba), Lindsey (Sarabi) & James Longhurst (Timon)

 Lindsey had some of her great friends in the show with her - this is her with Sierra

 Lindsey's amazing group of friends
Hannah, Beth, Sarah, Grace, Lindsey, Sierra & Addie

 The Helco family came on Friday

This is Nick - He was Scar and was amazing!  He was sooo good!

Lindsey - you are amazing and we are so proud of you and the amazing performer you are!  

Sunday, April 3, 2016

St George - President's Day Weekend

For the last several years, we've been able to go to St. George for President's Day weekend because of the Icebreaker's Soccer Tournament that our kids have played in.  Usually we have 2 kids playing, but this year, Emily's team was the only one that played in it.  It was the perfect balance of having soccer games to go to, but also having down time to enjoy the beauties of Southern Utah.  

We were so excited to have my parents and Rich & his family come with us!  Last year, I had reserved a 5 bedroom condo down there and it was wonderful.  It's so nice to have a place to not only sleep, but make meals, play games, visit, etc.  

We checked the kids out of school early on Friday (having them miss their Valentine's Parties) and headed down so that we could arrive in the daylight and to avoid the traffic that heads down there for the weekend.  

On Saturday morning, we drove over to the Sand Dunes in Snow Canyon.  It was warm in the sun and cool in the shade.  The kids played and played and it was absolutely gorgeous!

 My cute dad held Sam a lot for me. 

 Misty soaking up the sun


 Emily & her best friend Kate.  We had Kate stay with us as well and she was a delight.



 My brother Rich is the best sand digger ever!  He dug a huge hole to put the kids in :)



Cute cousins

 The teenagers took the opportunity to get a little sun

 Rich's hole getting deeper



 My mom

Emily had a game on Saturday afternoon and late Saturday night.  We all went to the first game and only Jon went to the late one (I think it started at 9:00).  We got delicious pizza for dinner and played games.

 A fun game of Ticket to Ride going on

 My dad and I attempting a selfie.  

 We loved the hot tub in the backyard

On Sunday, we went to Sacrament Meeting (along with all the other out-of-town-visitors in St. George).   Then, we attempted to go to Zion's for some hiking, but after waiting over an hour in line, just to pay in order to drive up the canyon, we decided to turn around.  We stopped at DQ for blizzards and then had dinner at the condo with Claudia Talbot.  I had made poppyseed chicken and brought it from Salt Lake, so it was easy to just put it in the oven.

On Monday morning, Rich and his family left for Salt Lake.  My parents and our family headed to Emily's last game.  Afterwards, my parents left to go back as well.  We had reserved the house for another night, so Jon took the Hannah, Hailey, Kate & Jack fishing at the small pond at the condo, and I took the oldest girls and Sam to Target.  Then we all went to the Children's Museum there and then to dinner at Smashburger.

Hailey came back from exploring at the game with this huge stick.

We had a great time with our family and enjoying the sun after a snowy winter in Salt Lake!  Emily played great and it was fun to cheer her team on!