Saturday, May 23, 2015

Spring Break - March 27 - April 3, 2015

We had thought about and planned on going to Oregon to visit Jon's mom for Spring Break/Easter.  Rewind exactly 4 years ago - I was due with Hailey.  She was due in the middle of May and we went to Union at the beginning of April.  (I remember being there for April Fool's Day because Jon's sister Anne was there too and made the cutest, funnest foods that were actually other things  - like French fries that were actually apples).
We drove home on a Sunday and I remember thinking that the baby didn't really move a whole lot even though we were sitting most of the day.  The next morning, we went to L&D for a NST. It ended up being normal, but they asked us to come back on Tuesday.  Tuesday I went back and they ended up keeping me overnight and delivering Hailey early on Wednesday morning - 7 weeks early.
I really, really didn't want to have a baby in Eastern Oregon.  I knew we were a high-risk and didn't want to be too far from our doctor and our hospital.  (Samuel ended up being born about 10 days after spring break).
So, we decided to stay home and we had a great time.
One day, my cute mom came over and we made sugar eggs.   I remember making sugar eggs with our cousins in Worland and my mom still has them.  It's a large egg made out of sugar with  a cute scene inside.  My mom, Lindsey & Kate took a class on how to make them and then my mom made it possible for each of my kids to make a big egg and a small egg.   It was something we'll always remember!

Kate is decorating the outside of her small egg.  I need to take a picture of them all (when I get them out again next Easter :) )

On Wednesday, we had an unexpected, wonderful, memorable surprise!  Our besties - the Rasmussen family - came to Utah for spring break.  We were secretly grateful that there was no rooms available in Southern Utah and they had to come north to visit family.  We were so excited to have the majority of the day with them.
They drove from Springville to our house. The kids played for just a little bit and the grownups visited.  Jon worked overnight the night before, but skipped sleeping so that he could play too.  We drove up to Ensign Peak and everyone but me (too risky with my pregnancy) hiked Ensign Peak.  It worked perfect because I went to my mom's house for a little bit and then met them at the bottom as they finished.

After the hike, the Rasmussen's (those stinkers!) bought us lunch at Hire's.  We let some of the bigger kids sit at a table by themselves and pretty soon, the waitress started bringing out huge root beer floats.  Apparently the kids just felt like them and ordered them with lunch :)

We then drove to Wheeler Farm.  The kids (and Ammon) played on the playground and then we walked around the farm to see the animals.


Friendly Ethan trying to become friends with an unfriendly goose

Awesome kids - Karli, Hailey, Kate, Lindsey, Paisley Hailey, Brynlee, Jack, Hannah & Ethan

Pregnant sheep & pregnant lady

What a fun treat to spend the day laughing and visiting with this amazing friend!

Thank you so much Rasmussen's for coming to SLC and for letting us enjoy you for the day!

During the week, we also saw "Cinderella" and "Macfarland, USA" at the movie theater.  We went to dinner at Red Robin.  Went to Emily's soccer game. Attended my mission reunion (it's been almost 20 years since I started my mission).

One morning, Peter & my mom came over to make bead necklaces.  The girls had a great time and we laughed at how much Hailey concentrated and did it.    So fun!

On Saturday, we decorated Easter Eggs.  We covered the table in old towels (rather than newspaper) and it worked so much better!

We had a great spring break - it was such a treat to be home and do stuff around us.  Jon worked the first few days and then had the rest of the week off.  Little did we know that 10 days later - we'd welcome our baby boy!

Monday, May 11, 2015

Easter 2015

Easter was on April 5, 2015 this year.   It was also General Conference.  It was also the day before Hailey's 4th birthday.  It was also a week before I would end up having Samuel. 
The Sunday before, I let the kids dress in their new Easter clothes to go to church.
 Hailey - age 4 (in a week)

 Hannah -age 6
 Kate - age 9

 Lindsey - age 13 (shockingly Jack wouldn't let me take an individual shot of him)

 Emily - age 15
 All my wonderful kids
I had to put this one in too because of Hannah's facial expression :)
 At least he'd get in a picture with his dad
 Kate & I
 Me & my beautiful girls
The following Saturday, we dyed Easter Eggs!

 On Easter, we headed over to my sweet mom's for dinner.  I just have to say (which I've said hundreds of times), it's so nice to have her home!  We were so happy to have her and my dad serve a mission, but it is incredible to have them home!  Anyway, she worked so hard to make a wonderful Easter dinner for all of us.
The kids always have a wonderful time together!   We brought candy and Easter baskets to d a fun egg hunt for them.   Sadly though, Zoey didn't feel very well and went home early.
This is my friend Julie helping keep the kids entertained while the dad's hid all the baskets & eggs outside. 

Lining up at the door to go outside

I sure love these too!  My dad & brother Mike


It was a wonderful Easter!  The weekend was made so much better too because we didn't have any soccer games scheduled on Saturday and so we were able to listen & watch all of General Conference!