Thursday, September 29, 2016

Jason & Buena's Reception

Jon's nephew, Jason, married a beautiful, sweet, amazing woman, Buena this summer.  We are so happy to welcome her into the Bowen family.  They were able to have a reception in Provo the night before their sealing.  It was an extra treat to have Diane and Beth (and Savanna) drive from Union to come.

 Lindsey & Hailey

 Beth & Savanna

 Jason, Buena & Diane

 Jason & his mom, Anne

 Jon's brother Bob and Anne's husband Dave

 What a cute couple!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Gateway Fountains & Voice Recital

One of the days after we got home from Worland, we met my mom, Becky, Misty & Mandy and all the kids at Gateway to run through the fountains.  We got there right at 10, which meant our kids were the only ones there for most of the time.   Hannah was the most interested in getting wet :)

After playing, we drove over to City Creek Mall and ate lunch at the food court. I love those kind of summer days!

 Zoey & Jake



 Sophia & Kate


 Sophia, Kate, Hailey, Zoey & Brooklyn

 Hannah joined at the end :)


 Alyssa & Jake


 My mom and Mr. Grumpy Pants

 Brooklyn, Hannah & Hailey

Lindsey, Kate & Hannah have all taken voice lessons from an amazing teacher in our neighborhood, Chantelle.   In June, they had a voice recital.  Lindsey had stopped taking lessons a little bit ago, but Chantelle asked her to come and sing with Kate & Hannah.  They did such a great job!  I'm so proud of them!

Chantelle and her cute students

Monday, August 29, 2016

June 16 - 19 - Trip to Worland

No summer would be complete without a trip to see Uncle Bruce and Aunt Claudia in Wyoming! It's always a highlight of our summer when we get to go.  We got home from Union on Sunday night and then the kids and I left on Thursday for Worland.  Jon had to work, so we missed him (I missed him the most!), but the kids were really good and even though it was a short trip, we had a great time.

Sam didn't sleep super great - like he'd throw up in the middle of the night but just fall right back asleep and being the fabulous mom that I am - I just let him sleep in it until he woke up.  I finally figured out that he was constipated.  

My parents, Rich & his family, Mike & his family and Becky and her family all went.  As usual, Uncle Bruce and Aunt Claudia were so kind and worked so hard to get ready for us to come and recoup from us all coming.  We got to swim at the rec center, eat delicious food, sew a little bit, take a glorious nap one day and go see "Finding Dory" and have a massive water balloon fight!  

 Swimming at the rec center

 Dinners are always best outside!

These girls all fit in their matching shirts again this summer!

 Uncle Bruce visiting with Lindsey. 

 Some "dab" instructing

 Water balloon fight instructions

 The sweetest baby ever - Kate Mortensen

 Busy, busy Sam

 Rich & Misty
Sophia, Max & Owen

 Mike & Mandy
Zoey, Alyssa & Audrey

Emily, Lindsey, Jack, Kate, Hannah, Hailey & Sam

John & Becky
Brooklyn, Jake, Remmy & Kate

All my parents 17 grandchildren!

Thank you Uncle Bruce & Aunt Claudia for another fun-filled trip to Worland!