Tuesday, July 26, 2016

End of School Year Activities

There are lots of "mom pay days" at the end of each school year!  Busy, busy days, but fun to see kids finish up projects, perform (next post), participate in fun activities at school, etc.

As usual, I spent a ton of time at the Elementary school volunteering with the PTA.  Somehow I found myself once again volunteering to be PTA President next year!  What??!!  

There were some fun things that happened in April & May

In April, we held our first annual Fun Run.  This was a blast!  The weather was gorgeous.  The cute mom in charge did an amazing job and had a ton of volunteers.  I wa
s at a station near the back of the school directing runners for the 3 mile or 1 mile runs.  Jon moved a shift at work so that he could be there, so I made him take some pics.

 Hannah was chosen as the 2nd grade girl to start ahead of everyone else.

 Kate ran a great race!

 Hannah won the 1-mile for the school

The race that day really motivated Jack, Kate & Hannah for running and we ended up signing them up for Rec Track & Field and they enjoyed that as well.

Emily ran for Jr. Class office and made some pretty cute posters.    The cutie ended up winning so she'll have a blast doing student government next year at Murray High.

Each year, the city of Murray, celebrates Arbor Day and invites all of the Elementary Schools to participate in a drawing contest.  We got notification that Kate not only got a district award, but was also the Central Utah Winner for the 4th grade.  They honored the winners at a nice luncheon and program at Murray Park.  I think she was more excited to be checked out of school than for the actual award!

 My cute mom came to support her

Rebecca and Diane made the long trek down to Utah to watch the girls dance show and we were lucky to have them here for Hannah's Americana program.   The 2nd graders sung a ton of cute patriotic songs, did a little dancing and were just all around really cute!

 Hannah and her best buddies - Heidi, Micah, Treyton & Owen

Hannah's amazing teacher, Mrs. Page.  She gets to have Mrs. Page next year in a 2nd/3rd grade split and Hannah couldn't be more thrilled!

Monday, July 25, 2016

Sam turns 1!

On April 13th, this sweet baby of ours turned a year!  It was the fastest year ever!   Sam has been such a joy in our family and we absolutely adore him!

At a year, he was still just army crawling, but getting closer to crawling.  He doesn't mind baby food, but especially loves carrots and baby oatmeal.   He loves watching Baby Einstein movies and loves being held by mommy.  

He's a decent napper, but still wakes up once a night.  He weaned himself at 11 months, but is willing to drink milk from a bottle.   

He's a funny guy in that he doesn't put stuff in his mouth.  This is a good thing and a bad thing.  I don't have to worry (yet!) about him putting small toys, coins, Legos, etc in his mouth, but he also doesn't feed himself bites of food.

Sam is the perfect caboose in our family.   He is happy and sweet and curious!  Happy 1st Birthday little man!

 My mom made him this cute cake

 He had quite the audience

 For a guy who doesn't put things in his mouth, he sure didn't understand the point of a smash cake.

Easter pics

We were in San Diego for Easter, but I wanted to get a few pics of the kids in their new Easter clothes, so I took them the following Sunday.  

It's always an adventure to get a decent picture....

 Hailey looking up

Jack's face


 Finally, a pretty good one

 Hailey and her twin, Lindsey

 Hannah and her twin, Emily

Kate and her grumpy twin, Sam

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

A visit to the farm

During the spring, my sister-in-law, Mandy found a cute farm that had baby animals to pet and see, so we were able to meet them there one afternoon.  It was a beautiful day and we had a great time!  

 Baby calf that was just a week old - she gets 2 bottles a day!

 baby bunnies

 baby chicks

 Alyssa, Kate, Hannah, Hailey & Zoey

Sam enjoying a moment on Zoey's back

We ended the night in appropriate Sorenson-style and treated ourselves to dinner at Sizzler!