Monday, November 24, 2014

Halloween 2014

We had another great Halloween this year!  The weather was absolutely gorgeous!  The news said that there have only been 7 Halloweens in the last 140 years that have been that warm. 
A couple of days before Halloween, we went to our ward Halloween carnival.  The youth & their leaders did a fantastic job of having fun games and a spook alley for the kids.
 Lindsey as an Indian & Emily as a leopard.
Hannah as Anna

 Kate as Elsa

 Hailey as Elsa Jr.

Kate and her best friend, Josie

 Hannah & her best friend Heidi

 Kate & Kage
 Case & Jack

 On the morning before Halloween, Hailey's preschool did a little parade outside and they recited a couple of poems and sang a couple of songs.

Hailey & Ms. Lorie
On Halloween, I was in charge of Kate's class party.  I had great mom's volunteer, so I actually just oversaw everything and didn't need to actually prepare anything. 

That night, Jon took kids trick-or-treating and I stayed home and answered the door.  We always get quite a few trick-or-treaters, but we still ended up with quite a bit left over.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

UEA Weekend in Union

For the UEA weekend, we decided to head to Union, Oregon to visit Jon's mom.  We had great weather and had a great time with Diane & Rebecca.    We were able to pick delicious apples from Grandma's tree and Jon was excited to pick and crack walnuts from her walnut tree.

We went swimming at Uncle Jerry's pool and enjoyed visiting with Jerry & Janice.  Emily was catching bugs for a biology assignment and with Jon's help, caught the biggest dragon fly.   We froze it and brought it back home with us just in time to add to the assignment.    We ate yummy Chinese food at Mo's and delicious pumpkin soft serve ice cream at The Stoplight.

We love going to Oregon.  We love Diane and Rebecca and spending time with them.  Jon's dad, Jack, would have turned 90 yesterday.  We miss him and love him.   He and Diane are both such amazing examples of hard work, love, living the gospel, serving others and always having a kind and positive attitude.

Thank you Grandma for letting us come take over your house for a few days!

Monday, November 17, 2014

Quilt projects from the fall

I'm sure glad that I can look back at pictures to see that I actually got some fun things made at the beginning of the school year.  These days, I just haven't had the time to get the sewing machine out :)  Oh well, January will be here before I know it!
 This was a fun table runner!  I have all the kits to make the other 11 months of the year.  Hopefully now that I've admitted that, I will get them made :)

 I loved this table runner and knew that I was going to make one the second I saw the pattern!

This was a quick, easy Thanksgiving quilt to make!

 And a quick table runner - I loved the fabric on the back!

 And, I had finished this table topper quite awhile ago, but finally managed to put the binding on it and sew buttons on the eyes.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

2014 Witches Party

 On Saturday, October 11th, I had my 6th annual Witches Party!   I look forward to this party all year long and love it when I have my ideas all sorted out in my head.   This year, I knew I didn't want to do hats again and I did a favorite's party last year, so I had the idea to have "shoes" as my theme.  So, the title of the party was "The Sole of a Witch."  

As you can see from the invitation that Kelsi did for me (which was amazing, as usual), I had everyone bring a pair of shoes that represented something about them or an experience/memory they have, as well as shoes to donate to charity if they wanted to.

Jon's brother Tom, came into town and was kind enough to decorate the house in cobwebs again.   He does an amazing job and surprised me this year with a homemade fall wreath to hang above the door.  It was huge!  And, it lit up!

It's always fun to decorate the house for the party too - and to get it all cleaned up!

The party favors were little bags that had a pedicure kit and a couple of nail polishes.

We had our usual dinner - 3 kinds of soups.  My mom was so sweet and offered to make chili for me, but then ended up not being able to come because she got a stomach bug that day.  So, so sad!   And, my Aunt Claudia had decided at the last minute to come with Uncle Bruce that week on a business trip so that she could come to the party.  She ended up with a gastrointestinal bug as well and she wasn't able to come.   Sad!   We missed them both so much and I felt so bad that they were sick!

For dessert, my mom had ordered donuts, which tasted delicious!   Becky came into town with her kids so that she could come.   I was so happy to have her there - she showed up with the chili and donuts and right at the exact moment that I needed an extra set of hands to pull everything together.

After eating, we all showed the shoes that we chose to bring.  It was so much fun to hear why everyone picked their pair!   I am so blessed to have so many great, amazing, shoe-loving women in my life!

I wasn't great about taking pictures, but I did get a picture of everyone with their shoes.


And, as usual, I made a quilt to give away at the party.  This pattern fit perfectly with my shoe theme and it was fun to make!  We did our usual, random drawing and the winner was Mandy!!!!   I was so happy that she won it!

Yeah for another wonderful night!  My kids were so good about watching themselves.  Jon was at work and they played in the basement!