Thursday, August 25, 2016

Union, OR - June 8-11, 2016

The kids finished school on Friday, June 3rd.  They had a great school year, but it was sure fun to start summer vacation!

On Wednesday, June 8th, we headed for Union, OR to visit Jon's mom.  Union is always extra fun at the beginning of June with the Stock Show and carnival come to town.   Sarah (Jon's sister) was there and Beth (Jon's other sister) and her family were there as well.  The kids had a blast playing together and going over to the stock show and carnival were a highlight.

The giant slide was the favorite ride most of the little kids - I think Hailey went down it 100 times.  

 Kate, Hannah & Emily


 Jack & Lindsey

 Jared - he probably went down it 200 times :)

 Hailey on the Merry-Go-Round

 We also visited the cemetery in Union where Jon's dad is buried

 We found a great funny ideas to put on headstones

This pic is obviously blurry, but there was a town parade and Jared and Hailey were pros at running out and grabbing candy.  It was a little rainy, but they didn't seem to mind.

We love going to visit Diane in Union and are so grateful to have kids that don't mind long car rides!

Jack's 6th grade Graduation

And just like that, this boy is done with Elementary School and entering Jr. High School!

Jack had a great 6th grade year!  He had a great teacher and great friends, he learned a lot about himself, he tried new things and he created a lot of fun memories.  It was fun to celebrate his graduation from Longview Elementary!

 All these great friends of Jack's will go to the other Jr. High, but then come back together in High School
Bowen, Marshall Jack & Gibson

 Same group but added Xander, Nicc & Roberto

 Same group again, but added Porter

 Jack & Lauren - Lauren is in our ward and her and Jack have gone all the way through Elementary school together

 Jack and Xander

 Emily & Sam  (and Hailey) were great sibling supporters

 Thomas & Jack

Jack quickly changed out of his suit, but we still had a catch a picture with Ms. Tanner and Ms. Allred.  Ms. A was his main teacher, but they team taught quite a bit of the time, so Jack got to know both of them.

Congratulations Jack!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

4th grade play & piano recital

During the last week of school, Kate's cute 4th grade class performed some Folk Lore plays.  Kate did a great job!

We also had our spring piano recital - all 4 girls take lessons now and all 4 of them did great!





 Our piano teacher is Heather Scott - she is so amazing and these are her students!

Great work girls!

Memorial Day - May 30, 2016

We had a great Memorial Day!  

In the afternoon, we met my parents at Wasatch Lawn to visit my Grandpa & Grandma Clyde's grave.  It has a new stone on it - which is beautiful.

We then went to my parent's house for a BBQ.  They are so kind to host!   It always makes our holidays so relaxing to just go to someone else's house!  Thank you mom & dad!

 Sophia & Hailey

 All American boy

 Jack & Jon - we had given my parents our old grill along with it's nifty BYU cover!

 Mike and his shirt :)

 These cousins sure love each other - Hannah, Zoey, Kate & Alyssa

We sure love our country and love our ancestors!  Happy Memorial Day 2016!

Hailey's Preschool Graduation

Okay, now that it's the start of another school year, I guess I better finish up last school year :)

Near the end of May, Hailey officially graduated from preschool.  Sniff, sniff!  Preschool is so cute and so fun and the kids are still just so little and sweet.  Hailey loved every day of preschool.  She loved her teachers Ms. Lorie & Grandpa Avery.  She learned all her letters, sounds, numbers, shapes, the beginning of reading, etc.   She wasn't able to go to last year's graduation because she had shingles, so it was fun for her to be able to go this year.

Jon had just finished a night shift, so Sam and I were the only ones there to cheer her on.

 She's the 2nd on the left - holding the black sheep

 Walking to Ms. Lorie to get her diploma

 All the cute graduates

 Hailey & her cute friend Jayna

Grandpa Avery, Hailey & Ms. Lorie

Hailey's self portrait

We love you big girl!  You're growing up waaaay too fast!  I don't know if I'm ready to send you every day to Kindergarten!