Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Lucky #7!

I guess it's probably a good idea to record on our blog about our super exciting news that we are expecting baby #7 on June, 4, 2015!
I'm almost 29 weeks along now and so far, so good with this pregnancy.  I am so grateful for each day and the wonderful movements I feel as this little one moves around.  Our hope and prayer is that we get far enough along into the pregnancy to have a healthy baby who can come home with us and not have to stay at the NICU.
I had almost given up hope on having one last baby.  Ever since Hailey was about 18 months, I struggled to know whether we should have another baby.  Deep in my heart, I really wanted one more, but I wanted it to be a mutual decision with Jon and also know whether or not that was what the Lord had in mind as well.   After many, many, many, many, many prayers, I finally felt that it was up to us.  I am married to such a good man and Jon was so kind and supportive, even though, another baby would change our lives (just like they all do). 
But, then, we had 3 miscarriages in a row.  The first of these was a molar pregnancy (discovered at 10 weeks), the second was a normal miscarriage at 8 weeks, and then another molar pregnancy (discovered at 6 weeks).  These were devastating!  I physically recovered quickly, but it was so hard to go through weeks and weeks of early pregnancy symptoms (worse during the molar pregnancies), only to be empty-handed at the end.   Our doctor was really supportive - especially considering that I was quickly approaching 40 - and already had 6 kids!
 I will eternally be grateful for the thoughts and prayers and acts of kindness shown towards me and our family during these miscarriages.  For the most part, there wasn't time to sit around and be sad.  There were a million things to drive the kids to and lots of messes to clean up :)
Jon and I had decided to try one more time to get pregnant, but gave ourselves just until the end of 2014 to do it.  I turned 40 in October and so we just thought we'd see what happened.  In mid-September, I went to St. George with my wonderful Ohio friends.  I had a great time and loved seeing a couple babies that were brought along.   But, when I got home, I told Jon that I was actually okay with being done with 6.  I was ready to move out of that phase of life and just enjoy the next.  Jon was thrilled!  
Then, ironically, two days later, I took a pregnancy test and it was positive!  Jon was a great sport about the news and we anxiously waited for our first appointment (around 6 weeks) to see if it was a viable fetus.  Everything appeared to be just fine!  Then we waited for our 8 week and 10 week checkups to again make sure that everything was still as it should be.  Jon and I didn't tell anyone- just in case.
After our 10 week appointment, we were sure excited to tell our parents, siblings and kids!  Everyone was so supportive and kind.  I've felt pretty good.  I had the usual yuckiness during the first trimester - around 3 in the afternoon, I'd just feel gross.  Then, not until 5 pm., then 8 p.m. and then it went away.   Our appointments have gone well.  I've had traces of protein in my urine (which is what has happened in all my pregnancies since Lindsey) and during Kate's pregnancy, I had the traces of protein the whole time.  It's not a problem unless those levels start to increase.  We're trying to watch those close.   Some blood tests came back inconclusive near the middle of the pregnancy, but after a detailed ultrasound, the baby seems to be okay. 
I proposed to the kids that we should wait and be surprised about the gender of the baby.  Without even hesitating, Jack said "We better find out.  If it's another girl, I'm going to need time to pack."  I think he seriously would consider making other living arrangements if he had a 6th sister!  So, we decided to find out!
Jon had taken a "peek" before our official ultrasound, so we had a pretty good idea, but we were excited to tell the kids that:
IT'S A BOY!!!!
 We had girl and boy binkies in a bag and they opened the baby to find out what the gender was!

They were so cute when we told them, especially Jack.   They will be such great big sisters and brother to him.   We are all super excited to meet him (but not for several more weeks!)!  I can't believe how quickly all these kids are growing up!  I just love each of them so much and am so grateful to be a mom!

Here's to changing our lives again by adding lucky baby #7!!

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Hannah & Kate - Cheerleading Clinic

Several weeks ago, Kate came home from school with a flyer about a cheerleading clinic at the high school and said that her teacher's daughter was a cheerleader and she really wanted to do it.  So, I let both Hannah and Kate participate.  They went for 2 afternoons in a row and then performed at a Murray High basketball game's half time.   Hailey and I were the only ones able to go watch the performance, so we cheered extra loud!
We watched the first half and the cute group of junior cheerleaders all sat together on one of the gym and cheered with the cheerleaders. Then, they performed at half time, by age, and then were dismissed to go.
The girls were so cute to watch and Hailey was my perfect little side-kick (as usual)!

 Hannah is on the far right

 Kate is on the top row - the only blonde - right in the middle.  Her good friend Megan did the clinic with her and is to her left.
 A shot of all those cute jr. cheerleaders during the game
 Hannah's right in the middle

 Hannah's the one most posed!  She cracks me up!
Kate - front

It's fun to have this experiences for the kids to meet new friends and try different things out to see what they like!   Great job cute girls!

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Zoey's Baptism

Back in January, our cute, sweet niece Zoey was baptized.  She had been meeting with the missionaries and was so beautiful and so excited!  It was a beautiful winter day and it was wonderful to celebrate this with Zoey and her family.

Mike, Mandy, Zoey & Alyssa

 Beautiful girl

Zoey wanted my brother Rich to baptize her.  It was a beautiful service with lots of family & ward members there to support.   It was cute that right after the service was over about 10 10-year old little girls came up and just surrounded Zoey.  They were darling!

Congrats Zoey!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Kate turns 9!!

On January 11th, our sweet Kate turned 9 years old!  She is the best kid and we just love her to pieces!
The big surprise for Kate was getting her ears pierced!  Since her birthday was on a Sunday this year, I told her on Saturday morning that we were going to the mall to get her ears pierced.  She was so excited!   We had a great time!  There was only one worker at Claire's so she had to get them pierced one at a time, but she was really brave and picked out some cute earrings.  We then went and got her a new outfit!

She was excited to also get a couple of new Legos Friends sets, a new Kindle case and book light from us.

On her birthday, we had a birthday dinner.  She chose steak & mashed potatoes.  Delicious!  I think every bite was gobbled up!  Lindsey made her this really pretty cake!

My mom made her a beautiful quilt from a line of fabric called "Miss Kate."   She snuggles under it every night and I have to wake her up nearly every morning.  She's always just nestled under that cute blanket sleeping away!

Since she was turning an odd number, Kate got to have a friend birthday party too!  She chose to go to Airborne Trampoline Arena.   She invited several of her friends and they happily jumped and jumped for a couple of hours.   Easy!!!

 Kage, Kate, Josie & Camri
 Jack was happy to work on his flips
 Rare evidence that I was actually at the event :)  Hailey refused to smile at Jon who was taking the picture, so I had to tickle her leg.
 Alyssa & Hannah


 Emily & Zoey

After they jumped for an hour and a half, we went into a party room for pizza, cake & icecream & opening gifts!

 Kate's cute group - Kage & Carson (the two boys she invited) had already left for a basketball game
R1: Hannah, Alyssa, Hailey, Kate, Ava, Camri & Sophie
R2: Zoey, Megan & Josie

Kate was really wonderful, sweet friends!   Happy Birthday to you Sweet Kate!