Thursday, October 8, 2015

Happy Baby & Kate's camp

Just a couple of cute pictures of my scrumptious, wonderful, sweet baby...

And speaking of sweet....

Kate really, really wanted to do "Kate's Camp" this summer (I think she models this after Jodi's Camp that the kids used to go to in Ohio.  I still miss Jodi & her camp a ton)!

She handed out flyers to the neighborhood children who would be starting Kindergarten and then invited several preschoolers as well.  She had 7 sessions, which were 1 hour each.  The cost to parents was $1 per session.  Kate planned this camp for months in advance and was always on the lookout for supplies to buy :)

She asked her friends Josie & Sophie to help and they were so cute to do it.   They had activities and learning stations for the kids and then after they finished their "work", they would get a snack and play outside until the parents came.

She advertised her camp that all the money would be donated to charity.  After the last camp, Kate begged and begged to go to Primary Children's Medical Center to give the money.  I was able to schedule an appointment with them and drove all three girls up.   They were so cute to donate all their earnings - $50.50.  

I was so proud of them and I know they felt so good to be helping children.

 Kate, Sophie & Josie

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Tour of Utah Bike Race - August 7, 2015

At the beginning of the summer, my brother Rich told us that the Tour of Utah Bike Race would be coming right up my parent's street.  This is an elite race and we looked forward to it all summer.  This was Stage 5 of 7 of this race and it was a loop the bikers had to do 7 times.  My parents street is super steep (which made it quite interesting to learn how to ride a bike as a kid), so we got to see these amazing athletes as they faced one of the hardest challenges of the race!

Emily left to go rappelling in Zion's that afternoon with the Stake Young Women and Lindsey had a soccer game, so they weren't able to come.   Kate, Hannah, Hailey, Sam and I went to my mom's early and enjoyed spending the afternoon with her (we definitely don't do this enough!  It's crazy that we live so close now, but schedules just make it tricky to do).

 Hannah, Sophia & Hailey 

We walked up to the finish line a couple of hours before the race.  It was amazing to see all the work that goes into putting on this international race.  There were lots of tents set up at the finish for dignitaries, etc and we got to see the finish line up close.

Jon and Jack came a little bit before all the roads closed and we got all set up to watch the race.  As the time got closer, the volunteers walked up and down the street reminding people to not even have 1 foot in the road.  There were helicopters overhead (it was being shown live all over the world), support vehicles began to come and then the racers!

There was usually always a group of 10-12 racers in the lead.  I love this picture because Mike is literally cheering them on right in the middle of the driveway. 

And then several seconds later, the majority of the bikers!  It was indescribable to see this huge wall of bikers as they biked up the hill!  They were literally inches from each other.  The strength and endurance was amazing and every time they would come, the crowd would go absolutely wild.  It was patriotic and unifying and so much fun!

This was one of the many motorcycles with a cameraman on the back - probably next to a couple of the stragglers.   As the bikers completed the last couple of laps, they were so exhausted that the last ones were begging spectators to run behind them and push them up the hill. 

After the race, we had BBQ hot dogs in my parent's backyard, but literally within minutes, a huge wind & rain storm hit.  We all were so grateful it didn't happen during the race, but apparently it knocked over the finish line, hurting a couple of people.   All in all, it was so memorable and we really hope the race will go up Zane Avenue again!

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Hannah turns 7 years old

On July 28th, Hannah turned 7!  My, oh my!  Time has flown!

We sure love having Hannah in our family!  She brings us happiness, spunkyness, laughter and fun!  Since it was a year she turned an odd number, she got a friend birthday party.  She chose to go to Get Air - an indoor trampoline place.   Easy for me (yeah!)!

 Kate made this little board for her - the circles in the upper left and lower right corners had surprises behind them.

 The trampoline jumpers - Heidi, Hannah, Hailey, Micah, Treyton, Jack and Kate

The kids were so good and since we went on a Tuesday morning, we got the second hour free!   I let them jump until they were done and then we headed to McDonald's for lunch!

We had a birthday dinner for Hannah, complete with a chocolate cake made by Lindsey!

Hannah, you cute blue-eyed, freckle-faced, beautiful girl!  We love you!  You give the best hugs and you have the best laugh!

Fun Facts About Hannah:

Favorite food: noodles & white sauce
Best Friend: Heidi Richardson
Favorite Sport: soccer
Favorite color: blue
Favorite Movie/TV Show: America's Funniest Videos
Hobbies: Art, Dance, Up With Kids (Hannah LOVES being on stage)
Primary Teachers: Brother & Sister Fisher
School Teacher: 2nd grade, Mrs. Page
Habits we're trying to break: biting nails!

Samuel Jay's Blessing - Sunday, July 12, 2015

The Sunday after we got back from Worland, we had Samuel blessed at Church.  It was a beautiful summer morning and we had our wonderful family come and support us.  I had so much wonderful help getting our home ready for a luncheon.

The day was perfect - except for one thing.  I couldn't hear more than just the first sentence or two of the blessing.  I'm sure that Jon did a wonderful job, but the microphone was held too far from his mouth (and there was crying babies and coughing adults in the congregation) and I just couldn't hear.  I was heartbroken.
This was by last little baby and a baby that I had prayed extra hard for and waited a little longer for.

But, there wasn't and isn't anything that I could do about it, so I have faith that he was blessed with the things that Jon was inspired to say and that I will be able to hear future blessings.

My mom was so sweet to buy Samuel his own blessing outfit.  I still had the outfit that Jack was blessed in, but it was so wonderful to get a fresh, new, sweet outfit for him.

His name is Samuel Jay.  I have loved the name Samuel for as long as I can remember.  When we had Jack, I loved that name too and since it was Jon's dad's name, I knew that our first little boy was Jack.  I was thrilled to get another son to name him Samuel.   His middle name is Jay, which is my grandpa Sorenson's name and also my dad's middle name.  I can't think of two finer men to name Sam after.  My dad is as wonderful and good as men come and I love him dearly.  I look forward to the day that I will get to meet my grandpa Sorenson. 

This Samuel Jay of mine is such a blessing in my life - just as all my children are.  He is a strong, valiant spirit and has brought so much joy and happiness to our family.  He is a happy, calm, content baby and I just love the moments he stares into my eyes.

 I am so grateful for Jon and the honorable, wonderful man that he is!  Sam is so lucky to have him as his dad!

 Stephen Jay and Samuel Jay

 My wonderful parents!

 Becky and her kids were in town and I loved having her here.

 My sweet sister-in-law Sarah
(My heart is full as I type this today.  A couple of days ago, Sarah had a seizure, causing her to fall and hit her head on the concrete.  She is in the hospital - recovering slowly, trying to regain her memory.  She is in quite a bit of pain.  We are all praying so hard for her full and complete recovery and for her husband Bobby and kids Danny & Gracie).

 Lindsey made these cute, delicious sugar cookies for our luncheon - she is so talented!

 Hailey, Brooklyn & Sophia in coordinating dresses

 Remmy was a little less than excited to join in the picture :)

Oh this boy!  What a sweetie!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Summer Trip to Worland, WY

We had a wonderful trip to Worland this summer!  It's always a huge highlight for me and an extra special treat to be there with my family.  We were able to leave on Saturday, July 4th to go up  (Emily was finishing at EFY so we couldn't go any sooner).

The drive was great - Jon came off a night shift and slept the best he could.   The rest of my family had already been in Worland for a few days, so when we pulled up to the house, everyone was there to help us carry our stuff in.

We had a fun Independence Day celebration with a delicious BBQ and sparklers (there were heavy firework restrictions in Worland).  

 Mike & Mandy - he must be pretending to be in parade :)

After dinner, we attempted some patriotic pictures! (I'll let the pictures do most of the talking...)

 (Evidence of how hard it is to get all 7 to cooperate)

 My mom & dad with all their grandkids - except 1!
Poor Remmy wanted nothing to do with it!

 Now with them all - including Jack

 Uncle Bruce with my cousin Meg and her girls - Lucy & Nora

 Uncle Bruce lined up all the kids in the alley and got his blow torch out to light their sparklers

 I think Jake got a spark on his arm - poor guy was obviously not very happy about it

After that, there weren't many pictures.  Unfortunately, I developed a breast infection and was miserable!   But, we still had a great time!

On Sunday night, we celebrated Uncle Bruce's retirement after 40 years with Pacific Power!  We sure love this guy and it was fun to celebrate him.  We wrote a list of 40 things we love about Uncle Bruce!

One of the last days, we headed to the Washakie County Museum!

Worland - you never disappoint!  A huge thank you to Aunt Claudia & Uncle Bruce for literally putting up with a house FULL of people!  We love you so, so much!