Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Cozumel, Mexico

We had a great 3rd Day on our Cruise!
We got up, had the usual delicious breakfast and then got off the boat to see Cozumel.
The girls and I had a dolphin excursion already booked and Jack decided at the last minute that he wanted to do it too, so while we waited to sign him up from that, the girls got their picture with Pluto.

Disney ports at one of the "nicer" ports in Cozumel.  We walked around a little shopping area and bargained with some store owners.  We got little bracelets for the girls that had their names on it, Hannah & Kate got little ukuele's, and Jack found a Broncos Nacho Libre mask.

After walking around for a little bit, we got back on the boat, ate lunch and then me up with our excursion group.  We all went off together and caught taxi's.   Because we're such a big family and because we had a stroller with us, we ended up getting separated from our group and had to wait an extra 45 minutes.   Most group sizes were about 15 to 20 people.  To make up for our long wait, the company gave us our own dolphin & trainer.   So, so cool!
Our dolphin was Marci and she was the sweetest thing.    We had almost a full hour in the water with her.   Emily, Lindsey, Jack & Kate loved it.  Jon was so nice and waited with Hannah & Hailey (they were too little and would have each needed an adult - but I already had to be with Kate).  We had our own photographer & videographer with us too, but we just ended up using the pictures that Jon took.

That's me - shaking her hands

Jack getting a kiss

A kiss for Lindsey

Kate's handshake

We each got a turn to wait on the other side of the water and catch a ride on Marci.  (In watching other groups, if kids fell off, the dolphins would wait until that kid got back on).

The dolphin trainer was really nice and explained everything about dolphins to us.

Lindsey's turn for a ride

And Jack's turn

We've laughed and laughed at this picture of Jack - right after he let go of the dolphin.

Kate's turn

The kids getting splashed by Marci

My turn - my face is all scrunched up because I had my contacts in and didn't want them to fall out.

After dolphin swimming, I took Lindsey, Hannah & Hailey back to the boat and Jon took the other 3 kids snorkeling.  They had a fun time.  Hannah was anxious to swim in the pool again after watching us for so long.
That night was formal night, so we all dressed up for dinner.  Can you tell who wasn't super thrilled about it?