Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Christmas 2015

We had an absolutely wonderful Christmas and Christmas break!  I tried to have everything done before the kids got out of school for the break and the other thing I did that helped was not have my sewing machine out.  I have missed sewing tremendously!  But, I have to remember that I have 7 kids, a husband with a busy work schedule and busy church responsibilities, PTA assignments, etc and it's just not the season in my life that I have a lot of "me" time.  That's okay.  Some day, I will.

Without projects tempting me, I spent a lot of time playing games with the kids, working on puzzles with them, etc.  

On Christmas Eve, we had a fun party at our house.  We ordered our usual Chick-Fil-A nugget platter with delicious sides.   We also had a white elephant exchange, which is always a highlight.  Jon worked that afternoon and got home as the party was ending.   Everyone left by 9:15 or so.   

My mom and I had a last minute, crazy, fun sleep at her house!  It was supposed to snow that night and my parents were going to come over Christmas morning for a little bit and then everyone was meeting at their house in the afternoon for Christmas dinner.  I didn't want them to be alone on Christmas morning, so as soon as everyone left, I pitched the idea to Jon and the kids.  At first, Kate didn't want to (she thought it would mean that we couldn't open a gift that night), but then we convinced her and we all flew into crazy mode.

Jon and I gathered all the gifts, clothes, food, bedding, etc (mostly while we had the kids in the basement), left a note for Santa and drove both our cars to my parents.   Sam was exhausted and starving, but was such a great sport about our spontaneous decision.

The kids went to bed and set everything up.

My parents house is so wonderful and cozy and holds a lot of great memories for me, so what an amazing blessing to wake up Christmas morning (after Hannah's excitement kept me up most of the night) there.  We opened gifts from Santa and had a delicious breakfast together.

We lounged around all day in pj's and the kids played with their new things.  My mom made a delicious dinner and then we enjoyed exchanging gifts with them and my siblings (except Becky - who was in Arizona).  

What a blast!  A huge thank you to my parents for hosting 9 extra people at the last minute!  We had such a great time that we spent another 2 nights over New Year's.   With living so close, we hadn't actually slept at their house in over 6  years!  

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Christmas Dance Show - Saturday, December 19, 2015

I am a dancer at heart.  I love watching dances.  I imagine myself being graceful and flexible and sassy and fun.  Then, I remember that I'm not.  But, my girls are and I just love that!  I spend a fair amount of time each week driving girls to dance classes....Monday night, Tuesday morning, Tuesday night, Wednesday night twice and Thursday afternoon.   Lindsey, Kate (3 classes), Hannah & Hailey are my dancers. 

It's all worth it though and one of my favorite days of the year is the days of their dance show.  It is an insanely busy, well thought out, must-be-organized, couldn't-do-it-without Jon day, but I love it!

With our dance company, parents are asked to volunteer to help during the shows in order to keep cost down for tuition and the show free for guests.   I was able to help with 2 of Kate's classes and Hannah's class.  

There were 4 shows total on this day.  We got up and did a ton of hair and makeup and gave Jon a specific schedule for driving kids back and forth, picking up lunch, bringing Sam to me to nurse, etc.  Bless him!  

The girls are the cutest, most beautiful dancers!  My heart nearly bursts when I see them on stage with beautiful smiles on their faces.  They work hard and have a great time performing!

 My parents came to the second "A" show (my niece Sophia was in that show too) and the first "B" show.

 Kate's jazz dance in the A show.  She's the first girl from the right with her hands perfectly perpendicular.   

I wasn't able to get a picture of Hannah on the stage because I was helping with Kate's class and was someone between getting them off the stage and back to their seats.  Hannah's was a tap number in cowboy hats and she was fantastic!

 Hailey & Kate before the B show

 Kate in her tap costume - Flying Home for Christmas
Kate, Megan & Josie

 Hailey (and Lucy) in their dance.  Lucy is the on the far left on the front row and Hailey is right next to her, so the second one in from the left.   Cute, sweet girls!

 Kate's tap - she's the 2nd in from the right

 Lindsey is a Strutter (Jazz).  They danced to one of my favorite Christmas songs "Breath of Heaven".  She's the 2nd from the left. 

 Lindsey - back row on the far left

 Kate switched costumes in the B show and did a Hip Hop number.  She's right in the middle - the cute blonde with the straight arm. :)

 Again, right in the middle

They fill the stage with dancers for the finale!

Exhausting, wonderful, long, but short, happy day!  Great job girls!

Monday, February 1, 2016

Snowy Winter

I'm sitting at my computer looking out my window at more fresh snow that came last night.  It's been a wintery winter in Utah.  Last year was so dry so it's nice to get back to getting the moisture that we desperately need!

*** Although I must say that the snow stresses me out a little more this year than in year's past.  You see, I have a brand new driver.  Her name is Emily.  Emily is a good driver, but after 3 short months of having a driver's license, feels that she can drive in any type of weather.  She hates riding the bus now, which I understand, but....  ***

Any how, our December was beautiful!  It flew by!

 Jon and the kids decorated the house and tree while Lindsey, Sam and I were in St. George and they did a fabulous job!   Well done guys!  You may be decorating the house and tree every year!

 Cute Sam!   This sweet boy is just the absolute best!   You can see his little droopy left eye in this picture.  It droops some of the time, so I mentioned it to the pediatrician.  He told me to take him to an Opthamologist just to make sure it wasn't affecting his vision.  I did and the doctor said it was fine.  He may grow out of it and if not, they can do a small surgery as he gets close to Kindergarten age.  

The kids have LOVED playing in the snow!  Hailey & Kate could and do spend hours out playing in the snow!

 Jon's been known to get in on the action every once in awhile :)

Happy Winter!